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"I thoroughly enjoyed 2º of Fear and Desire and found the interactive concept not only enlightening but it deepened my understanding that we 'all' face incredible struggles in taking steps to make significant changes in our lives towards the prevention of global warming.  This in turn results in improvements to our environment in not only our Community, City, Province, Country but inevitably, the Universe."
Heather Fairhead, Vancouver BC (March, 2008)

"I had a great time at 2º of Fear and Desire. It takes honesty and sacrifice to change profoundly. I understood that while at 2°. Thank you very much for the courage and determination to face reality in a very interesting way and inviting us to do the same."
Oliver Lane, Vancouver BC (March, 2008)

"Thank you so much for 2º of Fear and Desire this evening on climate change. I left with a feeling of hope that I haven't had for some time now. It is precisely this kind of courageous self-exploration and community-building that needs to happen in order to effect real change on this most complex and global of issues."
Marian Rose, Vancouver BC (Nov, 2007)

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