Corporate U (2000)

Corporate U poster

Poster design: Flick Harrison and Five Smooth Stones

photo: David Cooper

Photo 3

The cast and Director. Left to right: Charlene Wee,
Valerie Laub, Kevin Millsip, David Diamond, Emme Lee

Photo 4

The TV Lives Kevin Millsip as the TV,
Charlene Wee as Mia

Quotes from people and the press

"The THEATRE FOR LIVING workshop for Corporate U gave me some hope for the movement and the work I do. I had been feeling kind of disillusioned and this amazing group of folks and this amazing work just got me all fired up again."
Terra Poirer, Corporate U research workshop participant, Nov. 15, 2000

"Emme Lee delivers the night's most stunning performance, reminding the audience, in a single, heart- scorching monologue, just what live theatre is for. The superb company of actors on stage with her (Valerie Laub, Kevin Millsip, Charlene Wee and director David Diamond) all work well within the play's experimental structure. (Diamond) knows that there are, always, more questions than answers, and that real life drama is long on pain and short on simple heroes or villains. Headlines makes their difficult material dance. Corporate U offers an advanced course for the educated heart and an intelligent seminar on globalization in a single evening."
Tom Sandborn, The Globe and Mail, Dec. 11, 2000

"Corporate U is an emotionally explosive and analytical play that places us face to face with numerous aspects of our complex world. The audience is masterfully prompted to respond genuinely -- to run away from liberal tokenism and affected soul searching. The play is a mix of entertainment, information, and considered response, which stays with you long after you personally experience it."
Alicia Barsallo, Co-ordinator, BC Latin American Congress (Newsletter) Dec. 12, 2000

"I just got back from the performance (of Corporate U) tonight and I wanted to let you know how great it was. It was incredibly thought-provoking and gave me some great ideas about some other strategies that I can try to bring about awareness of the global nature of what on the surface appear to be domestic issues. It was great to see how you distilled these very large issues to some very personal vignettes and encouraged people to get up out of their chairs to do something."
Audience member, Dec. 12/00, asked to remain anonymous

"Headlines Theatre doesn't pretend to have all the answers but it sure knows how to ask the right questions. Better yet, it succeeds night after night in getting audiences to examine their own value systems and to join forces in making the world a better place. The most interesting part of (Corporate U) is the way Diamond asks the audience to look at the specific, personal story of a couple of people ....and then to extend that picture into the arena of foreign aid and treatment of Third World countries by countries like Canada. It was amazingly easy to do. Diamond puts the duracell bunny to shame: he just keeps going and going and going. And he's not just banging a stupid drum."
Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier, Dec. 13, 2000

"I want to congratulate you on the amazing work in Corporate U. I felt my body on the edge of my seat, riveted. Tonight, not only was a powerful, theatrical experience, but has helped me feel my feet on the ground again, and re-focus. Thank you for your work and inspiration. I can't tell you how much it has affected me."
E-mail from Samantha Fletcher, audience member, Dec. 16, 2000

"It was wonderful to be able to have such an event as Corporate U broadcast on the web, thus enabling the vast audience to participate. You are doing the job of David Diamond in Vancouver - but with such an event you are doing job of David Diamond on the planet Earth. Forum Theatre is such a powerful media to promote critical thinking and to help people become liberated and transformed, not only entertained and informed. Corporations are really in our heads, and Corporate U can help us to proceed further in our search for our authentic self without different labels which society puts on/in Our Heads. We very much appreciate that you are adjusting Theatre of the Oppressed techniques for the persons and not vice versa. Thank you."
E-mail from Sasa Janiska, Croatia, the first ever Forum web cast intervener, Dec. 22, 2000

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